Estate administration

Icon Legal offers the following wills & estates services:

  • Powers of attorney including enduring powers of attorney
  • Transmission applications
  • Record of death applications
  • Estate administration

Power of Attorney

There are two types of powers of attorney:

  1. General power of attorney
  2. Enduring power of attorney

Icon Legal can attend to all your power of attorney requirements including registration or revocation of an existing power of attorney.

General power of attorney

A general power of attorney is an authority appointing an attorney to act on someone’s behalf for matters that are specified in the document. These are often used is someone is ill or travelling abroad.
The document will need to be registered if the attorney will be signing other documents that are also required to be registered (such as a transfer of land).

Enduring power of attorney

An enduring power of attorney authorises an attorney to make decisions (such as property and financial decisions) and it continues to have effect even if the principal becomes mentally incapacitated.

Transmission Application

A transmission application is required if a deceased person is the sole owner of a property or holds an interest in the property as tenants in common (we can obtain a copy of the title search and review this for you).

The deceased person’s name can be removed from the title or the property can be transferred to:

  • the executors of the deceased as personal representative;
  • a devisee or legatee that has been named in the deceased person’s last will; or
  • a person as decided by the Supreme Court.

Record of Death Application

If you require the removal of a deceased person’s from a title, and you hold an interest in the property as joint tenants, we can apply on your behalf to have their name removed from the title.

Estate Administration

Estate administration is the process of finalising a deceased person’s affairs including attending to any bank accounts, contracts in place, assets and funeral decisions.

The presence of a valid will can have a huge impact on assisting with the administration of the estate.

Icon Legal aims to guide the executor through every stage of the process and reduce any additional stress at this emotional time.

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