Do I need a lawyer for my conveyancing?

Conveyancing in a nutshell

Whilst you can self-represent yourself and do your own conveyance, there are a lot of consequences to consider.  Not only that, Queensland conveyancing is legislated by 11 different pieces of legislation in Queensland.  Could you recognize if a contract is legally binding?  Could you determine if any alterations to the property are legal?  Your lawyer will not only streamline the process for you, but will also make you aware of all your rights and obligations under the contract, and are there to protect your interests.

Here is an example of a simple aspect of Queensland conveyancing:

Time is of the essence – if you miss a key date by even one minute, you have probably just provided the other party with termination rights, and of even more concern, potentially an action against you.

Your lawyer will have professional indemnity insurance which will cover any loss that may be incurred.  Unfortunately, you are not protected if you make a mistake and it can be financially devastating.  Conveyancing in Queensland is the highest litigated area of law.  That is, it is a higher percentage of conveyancing matters that end up in a dispute / insurance claim, than any other area of law.

Selling or buying a property can be one of the most stressful things in life.  Your lawyer can not only protect you, but also make this process so much simpler for you.  Just by preparing and witnessing the necessary documents.  There are also certain things that you cannot do, such as providing a solicitor’s undertaking to obtain the transfer documents prior to settlement.  Your lawyer will also have access to certain databases to easily carry out the required searches.

Lawyers have the experience and insurance to give you piece of mind.  They are specially trained to deal with the contract and with any issues that may arise… and issues do arise!  Your aim to save conveyancing fees could end up costing you a lot more in the long run!